Systems Engineering

Seeds of Genius' Enterprise Architects are able to address all the aspects of the Enterprise, including hardware, software, policy construction, prototyping, development, and integration:


Why: Vision, Strategy, Business Objectives, Technology Drivers

With Whom: All Collaborating Elements

What: Goals and Objective Requirements

How: Logical Representation

With What: Solution Representation

When: Transformational Timelines


Seeds of Genius' Enterprise Architects are not just techies with a blind focus on technology, but experienced people with a broad business and technology vision, able to create Enterprise value by aligning business opportunities and technology possibilities in a holistic manner while adhering to the Extended Enterprise Architecture guidelines.

Integrating legacy systems with new and/or heterogeneous configurations allows Seeds customers to maximize functionality while enjoying significant cost savings derived from increased utilization.


Seeds Engineers provide capabilities ranging from integrated resource management functions to database integration, clustering services, security, workload management, and problem determination – with different platforms from AIX to Solaris to HP-UX to Linux to Windows NT/XP to the mainframe.