At Seeds of Genius, we pay special attention to User Interface and User Experience solutions because we believe deeply that technology should enable and enhance, not deter or frustrate. The user experience is of paramount importance to any project, technology roll-out, or enterprise change. That's why Seeds of Genius focuses so  heavily on UI/UX solutions, from redesigned interfaces, to self-service customer kiosk technologies, Seeds of Genius goes to above and beyond to make sure that UI/UX solutions for our customers do more than provide functionality, they delight and astound.

Section 508 compliance is one of the key areas Seeds of Genius focuses on when designing, developing, prototyping, or modernizing our customers' systems and environments. 


A massive challenge for designing and building customer-centric technology is accessibility and Section 508 compliance. True accessibility for your customers who deal with physical or mental challenges means that these customers need to be able to access the same services that non-challenged customers can access, without any loss in functionality or service. Seeds of Genius is extremely dedicated to not just designing compliant systems, but truly providing a superior customer experience for these customers.