Seeds of Genius

Woman-owned small business

What we do

Seeds of Genius Corporation provides business and IT services and products to our customers that allow our customers to focus on their core business. From IT server closets or cloud services for small businesses, or business process improvement and turn-key new branch location services, to logistics management and IT support and staff augmentation services for our Federal customers...Seeds of Genius focuses on alleviating the distractions our customers face helping them reclaim their most precious commodity, time.

How we began

Founded in 2004 in Washington D.C., Seeds of Genius Corporation began with an idea, an idea about people. That idea is that all people have inside them a seed, and as people grow and become who they are meant to be, that seed inside them grows also. And sometimes, that seed grows into true genius. Our goal is to help people grow their own seeds, by giving them the tools, opportunity, and time they need. We do that by taking care of those problems that eat our customer's time and pulls their attention away from focusing on true growth. When we first opened our doors, our focus was on providing the perfect IT hardware and software solutions for our customers in the Federal government. Those IT solutions we designed and provided with the goals of reducing down-time and increasing automation.

What we became

Today, Seeds of Genius Corporation (SOG) is a woman-owned, minority owned, small business headquartered in Hanover, MD.  While we still love providing IT hardware and software designs that our customers get really, really excited about, we have also expanded the ways in which we service our customers needs.  The addition of our Business Services Group has added a massive capability enhancement to our organization. Coupled with our extensive number of Federal and State-level contract vehicles, and our ISO quality certification, Seeds of Genius delivers innovative and creative technology and business solutions that help our customers achieve their end-states in the most efficient, effective ways possible.